Friday, February 24, 2012

2012 February : Sprinter Tunes

One day the weather outside tells us its spring and other days winter.
Some may say its normal, others will say its global warming.

These songs reflect the sprinter mood (spring/winter) not the blah of winter nor the bloom of spring but somewhere in between. 2012 February (Sprinter Tunes)
  1. Sarah Harmer - Escarpment Blues - This only seems a fitting tune as it describes a quarry in Burlington that people were trying to stop.  This song is kind of bouncy but with a down to earth meaning.  This makes this song perfect for the Sprinter playlist.
  2. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs - This track is all about driving around in the suburbs. Sprinter is that time of year when the snow melts the cars come out and drivers, rusty from taking public transit in the winter, forget some of the basic safety things like signaling, leaving space.
  3. Jill Barber - Legacy Sprinter is all about reflection on the hardships of winter and the bright and colorful renewal of spring and the legacy we leave behind. "Whether I write three chords or a symphony, at least I'm gonna try to leave behind some kind of legacy" Jill Barber
  4. Stars - Changes - Sprinter is all about the change from winter to spring, hibernation to interaction. "Changes never been good with change, I hate it when it all stays the same" Stars
  5. K'naan - Take A Minute Winter is hard, but the light of spring gives us hope. This song is all about taking a minute to look at the positive things happenging around.  It is also about the hope based on seeing results no matter how little.  Noting is perfect, take the time to enjoy today. 
  6. K-OS - Crabbuckit - Sprinter is almost spring: Thoughts of blooming flowers, growth, summer warmth. "no time to get down cause I'm moving up", K-OS. This song even has its token Tragically Hip reference, the ultimate summer band.
  7. Chocolat - Sois Belle - Almost like a hidden track. I found this on someone's playlist. Loosely Translated as Be Beautiful. This is a Sprinter wish as we see the drab of winter but the mild of spring.
  8. Rheostatics - The Ballad of Wendel Clark - What Sprinter playlist would be complete without a hockey song about the best hockey player of all time? Sprinter is when we are all looking forward to the playoffs. Who remembers Wendel's last game? Most fan energy in a hockey game I ever saw.
So that is the list for this month, look forward to doing the Spring List.  If you have any suggestions please email them with reasons to Susan Fischer at and we will consider them for the list.

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