Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2012 March : The grass may seem greener, but it is always better at home

In Canada, if you live in a small town you want to break into the city scene.  Those who live in the big city only want to get out of this Boomtown.  Its not surprising the amount of Canadian songs there are telling these stories.
  1. Andrew Cash - Boomtown - I don't want to judge my life by what I can't afford.
  2. Tom Hooper (Grapes of Wrath) - Stranger in my town - Isolation is very common in Canada with the vast expanse of land and physical distance between the cities and town. This song digs deeper into isolation within our small communities. Not a physical isolation but an emotional one. "Feeling like its time to find another town"
  3. Joel Plaskett - Nowhere With You - Sometimes you just want to get away from everything but not be alone, this is my favorite version of this song. The other version reminds me of the Zellers ad.
  4. Joel Plaskett - Love This Town - I know two Joel in a row but this is the perfect example of the love/hate relationship with your home town
  5. City and Color - Coming Home - Home is where the heart is. For City and Color, All of Canada from Halifax to Vancouver is home.
  6. Death From Above 1979 - Black History Month - When we are young our little neighborhood was perfect then we grew up and it all went to crap. Did the neighborhood really change or do we just have more to compare it with.
  7. Sloan - Money City Maniacs - This was Sloan's big return home after their brief time South. The grass may look greener but its not. Glad they came home. One of my favorite bands.
  8. Classified - Oh Canada - Oh Canada our home and native land. We are a land of innovators, we supply talent, resources, inventions to the world then they take credit for it.  Let's start taking credit for all our accomplishments.
The playlist for this blog is available at music.cbc.ca 2012-March

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